Miguel Diaz-Canel elected president of Cuba

– Position of president reinstated by new Constitution after 43 years

By Gozde Bayar

ANKARA (AA) – Cuba’s National Assembly chose Miguel Diaz-Canel as the country's new president Thursday.

After 43 years, a new electoral law passed in July following a revised Constitution adopted in April gave the assembly three months to elect the country’s president and vice president.

Diaz-Canel secured 579 votes in favor from the 580 deputies present and will be in office through 2023.

He has been serving as president of the Council of State and Ministers.

Salvador Valdes Mesa was elected vice president and Esteban Lazo will continue as president of the National Assembly and Council of State.

Canel is expected to appoint a prime minister in December. The prime minister will be the first to serve since Fidel Castro’s term from 1959 to 1976.