Tunisia's Ennahda calls for forming unity government

– On Jan. 24, Tunisia’s premier-designate says 10 political parties expressed willingness to take part in next government

By Shaimaa al-Manei

TUNIS (AA) – Tunisia's Ennahda Movement on Friday called on the country’s Prime Minister-designate Elyes Fakhfakh to carry out further consultations to form a unity government.

In a news conference, Abdelkarim Harouni, the head of Ennahda Movement’s Shura Council, said that his party would not give a confidence vote to the government that has yet to be announced.

On Jan. 21, Tunisian President Kais Saied appointed Fakhfakh to form a government following the failure of Ennahda's candidate Habib al-Jamali to do so.

On Jan. 24, Fakhfakh said that 10 political parties — including Ennahda — have expressed their willingness to participate in the next government.

However, Ennahda spokesman Imad Khamiri said on Tuesday that his movement may vote for Fakhfakh's government formation without being part of it.

"We are keen that a [unity] government should have a chance to continue and to succeed in improving the economic and social challenges and to have stability in the parliament," Harouni said.

*Bassel Ibrahim contributed to this report from Ankara.