Pts. Oca 27th, 2020

UPDATE – Police raid Anadolu Agency office in Cairo, detain 4

– Turkey strongly condemns Egyptian police raid on Anadolu Agency’s Cairo office, urges immediate release of employees

By Erdogan Cagatay Zontur

ANKARA (AA) – Egyptian police raided Cairo office of Anadolu Agency and detained four employees Tuesday evening.

The detainees include one Turkish citizen.

The employees were taken to an unknown destination.

Turkey strongly condemned the raid on Anadolu Agency's Cairo office, urging the immediate release of the four employees.

"The raid to the Anadolu Agency’s Cairo office last night by the Egyptian security forces and the detention of some of the office workers without justification is an act of harassment and intimidation against the Turkish press, we strongly condemn it," Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

"This act of violence against AA [Anadolu Agency] once again highlighted not only the negative approach of the Egyptian government to press freedom, but also its grave situation on democracy and transparency," the statement said.

"Western countries, which seem sensitive about the freedom of press and expression, have a role in this reckless attitude, by overlooking the condemnation of the violations in this country," it added.